Some legal information about this website.

Privacy Statement
Sharing your identity is voluntary on this website and not mandatory.
We do not collect IP, location or any personal information.
Your data is not shared with data mining outlets and is not used for any purpose by us.
Registration is not necessary to comment, thus you are not obligated to transmit any information.

Rules of Conduct is a FREE SPEECH zone, and not a safe space for anyone.
To that end, your comments will not be moderated unless deemed necessary.
While free discord is encouraged, the following will be moderated due to its criminal nature:
1. Threats of bodily harm or terrorism
2. Active attempts to openly recruit users for terrorist organizations
3. Comments encouraging criminal activity
4. Doxing of any individual
5. Confessions of criminal activity
6. Any comments threatening political or public figures and/or their supporters

There is a difference between disagreeing with an individual and wishing them or their families bodily harm, the latter of which will not be tolerated no matter how you feel about that public figure or individual.
Furthermore, no matter my views on the subject or the group, I do not tolerate threats of violence or flat-out hatred/bullying on my website. There is a difference between, “I don’t agree that there are more than two genders” versus “If you don’t agree that there are more than two genders, you deserve to die!” the latter of which is a no-go and will be moderated accordingly (violations of rules 1, 3 and 6).
Don’t worry about offending someone or a group of people when you comment – just remember the above 6 itemized rules and you’ll be fine.

All WRITTEN content on this site is ©2019 If you use any of my blogs in your pieces, whether spoken on camera or audio, or republished in text form, all I ask is proper credit where appropriate. Do not claim these words as your own. If you can remember those two important rules, you can reproduce and share, even for commercial use, all you want. Remember, credit and don’t claim you said it.
Hand-drawn Tokyo Gaijin avatars are ©2019 Permission to download and use for your own use, including satire or parody, is granted. Commercial use (defined herein as: using the image and profiting from that image) is denied. It sounds like a gray area but it’s really not: don’t print-to-sell it or charge others to download the image.
All other images may or may not contain copyrighted images, owned by other parties. In 99.9% of these cases, this website will be using those images WITHOUT PERMISSION. We do not claim ownership of these images, altered or otherwise, and we do not claim any monetization from these images. will comply with any C&Ds issued by the copyright holders. Any counter-monetization by copyright holders over entire articles that contain copyrighted imagery will not be disputed but ownership will be CONFIRMED (in all claims, whether it’s a C&D or monetization/copyright violation claim).
This website is built around the WordPress engine utilizing WordPress data and services. They offer a free plan and for-charge plans.

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